I was never told



I don’t quite remember the last time I wrote a poem. This was something I spent most of my high school days doing. To be honest, I have far too many hobbies that I sometimes end up not pursuing one or two for a period of time until the itch for them comes back.

   August 31, 2014  |   1 note  

Practice makes patterns


If I don’t have a particular concept or idea to draw, I make it a point to practice doing more patterns. I used to not do anything at all but it often led to longer periods of creative block. It’s a very unpleasant experience so I make sure I draw something or doodle randomly these days to keep the pace going.

I also rediscovered my love of writing poetry and short prose. So don’t be surprised if I post one or two every now and then.

   August 28, 2014  |   1 note  

A string of shapes and shades


Drawings from the first week of June up to the first week of August. I realized that I tend to post regularly on instagram and often neglect this blog in the process. If you’re the type who just skims through the text, I encourage you to visit my instagram instead.

I’ve been using metallic markers (Sharpie) and a red pen (Staedtler) more often in my drawings. I am somehow drawn to red at the moment for reasons even I don’t know. The mix of gold, silver, bronze, red, and black is a good combination in many aspects so this obsession isn’t misguided. In other news, I’m trying my hand at drawing animals. I started with a rabbit. I’m working on another one but I’m not quite sure what animal it is (haha). The line art came out unexpectedly weird. I’ll make sure to post it once it’s completed.

Castle of glass

I was surprisingly listening to Linkin Park’s Living Things album when the initial idea for this came to mind. Not the kind of music you’d expect the inspiration to be born from but rock music always does it for me. It was just a slew of geometric shapes bunched up together that I had drawn in a small notebook at work. 

Eventually, very little of that initial drawing was used. Because I was having a slight battle with creative block, I decided to wing it and work on a very unstructured approach - include whatever I felt like including and toss it away if it really doesn’t work. I spent roughly three hours on this with a sigh of relief that I eventually overcame that sudden creative block. 

   June 01, 2014  |   1 note