Castle of glass

I was surprisingly listening to Linkin Park’s Living Things album when the initial idea for this came to mind. Not the kind of music you’d expect the inspiration to be born from but rock music always does it for me. It was just a slew of geometric shapes bunched up together that I had drawn in a small notebook at work. 

Eventually, very little of that initial drawing was used. Because I was having a slight battle with creative block, I decided to wing it and work on a very unstructured approach - include whatever I felt like including and toss it away if it really doesn’t work. I spent roughly three hours on this with a sigh of relief that I eventually overcame that sudden creative block. 

   June 01, 2014  |   1 note  

Collision course

image image image

Drawings I made from the last week of April and the rest of May. I experienced a slight artist block last month hence the lack of updates. I made a point to post as much drawing progress on my Instagram feed instead. I’m also doing a little bit of lettering practice on the side since some of my friends have been asking for tattoo designs recently. Never really done designs specific for tattoo art but I welcome the learning experience. Maybe if it comes out okay, I can start accepting more requests for it. :)

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Something I need

image image image image

Pieces drawn during the last two weeks of March and first week of April. I always forget to bring metallic sharpies when I leave home so I only used Uni Pins for these. They were all drawn in the morning, during my routine coffee run before going to work, hence the undarkened, familiar feel to it.

Anyway, have you visited the Mister Dress-Up website yet? Make sure you do. Sweet Nothing will only be available as a shirt until April 17. Do buy one before then! :) 

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This drawing is available as a shirt on!

Hello friends and lovely readers! My most recent drawing is featured on the Mister Dress-Up website and is available for purchase as a shirt for an entire month. It’s available on women’s and men’s tees.

I sound overly enthusiastic, I know. But that’s because any form of recognition, whether it be a humbling comment or a small feature, is heartwarming. I would like to thank Sam of Mister Dress-Up for this. Make sure to visit the site and and buy a tee! :)

   March 18, 2014