Something I need

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Pieces drawn during the last two weeks of March and first week of April. I always forget to bring metallic sharpies when I leave home so I only used Uni Pins for these. They were all drawn in the morning, during my routine coffee run before going to work, hence the undarkened, familiar feel to it.

Anyway, have you visited the Mister Dress-Up website yet? Make sure you do. Sweet Nothing will only be available as a shirt until April 17. Do buy one before then! :) 

   April 08, 2014  |   1 note  

This drawing is available as a shirt on!

Hello friends and lovely readers! My most recent drawing is featured on the Mister Dress-Up website and is available for purchase as a shirt for an entire month. It’s available on women’s and men’s tees.

I sound overly enthusiastic, I know. But that’s because any form of recognition, whether it be a humbling comment or a small feature, is heartwarming. I would like to thank Sam of Mister Dress-Up for this. Make sure to visit the site and and buy a tee! :)

   March 18, 2014    

Living on such sweet nothing

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Here’s a new drawing I finished! I worked on it during lunch breaks at my day job and then completing the rest during my free time last Sunday. The title is a line from Calvin Harris and Florench Welch’s Sweet Nothing, the last song on the playlist while I was working on this.

This drawing is more playful than the recent ones and didn’t have Sharpie accents (because I forgot to bring them with me). The mood of my drawings depend on the time of the day I started drawing them. The earlier in the day I start drawing them, the more playful they are. They become a little creepy and esoteric especially when I start drawing during the wee hours of dawn (and I’ve said it many times before). This is evident if you look at the folio Moleskine I have at home, and the tiny sketchbook Moleskine I bring with me everywhere.

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Caught up in my dreams


The concept for this piece came unexpectedly while I was working on another ink drawing (which I will share in a separate post after this). I was listening to Avicii’s Wake Me Up and this sort of popped out of nowhere, like a Windows-Media-Player-visualization moment. Since I had time in between other projects and errands, sat in front of my laptop to play around with it. 

My abstract / vector pieces often happen in phases. I’ve use a slew of random geometric shapes (hereherehere, and here) as well as tear drops and circles (hereherehere, and here). Recently, I’m attached to doing triangles and squares (here).

Step-by-step Illustration Process

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I use Photoshop’s layer blending modes - Multiply, Overlay, Pin Light and Luminosity - extensively for most of my abstract works to get the effect and feel that I want. I used the same color palette I’ve abused for the longest time and a few other elements that are always present in my abstract pieces.

   March 09, 2014